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Saturday 29th October 2016

3rd XI 1-0 win at Alexandra Park. League.

Today was one of those days where from the off we should of known it was always going to be difficult with 3 drop outs and a few players still playing with injuries.We opted with a 4-4-2 formation,and from the off the opposition had us on the backfoot. This pattern seemed to continue with the opponents having more of the balance of play.We were outnumbered in the middle of the park as they packed the midfield with 5 man.To be fair to us we defended very well and did well to go in at half-time 0-0. Second half we changed formation and reverted to 4-5-1 just to contain them.We seemed more solid and we started to create some chances. We looked dangerous on the break and when we got the ball the tactics of spreading the ball out quickly to Ryan and Alex to use their pace and attack the palace boys was working. We kept on probing and we finally got the break through when Craig who I must say had a good game played a ball up to Jazzy whose instantly controlled the ball and played the ball out to Ryan on the wing who beat a man and cut in to strike the ball low into the left corner of the net 1-0 the Stationers. We needed that goal as we had about 15 minutes to go in a game which could of gone anyway. We still had to defend as some poor shooting from the opponents and they should of levelled up when their striker blazed over from 3 yards out. We weathered the storm and saw out the game to hold on and gain a valuable hard fought victory. Today was about a display of our character which was tried and tested to full capacity. Terrific display of heart and guts and defending even when things were against us. Dont like doing this but today's man if the match shared between Jazzy and Ryan. Jazzy's tenacious heart running onto balls and hold up play was immense,injury an all.Different class Jazz.Ryans constant harrasing and menacing runs which put terror into the hearts of the opposition every single time he had the ball.Great goal too. Link up play with Ryan and Jazzy was just telepathic. Onwards and upwards keep the spirit let's be positive even when the chips are down during some games as today is a testament of how much spirit and resilience we have.So positivity is a big key. Ps another mention to our defence and keeper who were all heroes today. Magnificent boys. Truly amazing stuff.COYS

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