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I agree to uphold the traditions and respect the history of the club (OSFC is now over 100 years old)

I agree, as a member of an FA Charter Standard Club, to observe the FA Respect Campaign guidelines.

I agree to respect the opposition and match officials.

I agree to wear the full club kit. (which includes white shorts and white socks)

I agree to pay the Annual Subscription promptly. 

I agree to turn up for every game with sufficient money to pay the Weekly Match Fees

I agree to be available for selection on most Saturdays.

I agree, when required, to play for any XI (note: priority is from the 1st XI downwards)

I agree to be punctual for meeting times and will contact my captain if I am delayed.

I agree to support the club by socialising after a match, both home and away. The SAL actively encourages clubs and players to be hospitable 

I understand that: With no referee there is no match; A referee invariably never changes a decision; I will not challenge or comment on a referees decisions as I am aware that this could lead to disciplinary action being taken against me.

I will make every effort to avoid receiving a caution or a dismissal as I realise that this lets down the Club and my team-mates.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, I agree that I will not 'cry-off' from a game.

I will never 'not show up' for a game as I understand that this lets down the Club, my captain and my team-mates

I will keep a record of the telephone number of my captain.

I will be responsible for the conduct of any guests that I bring.

I confirm that I have read and agree to abide by the Club’s Disciplinary Code. I agree in accordance with the Code, to settle all fines that I owe before I am allowed to play again.


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