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Match Reports for Saturday 3rd January 2015

5th XI LOST 7-2 (Away) v Southgate Olympic, Junior Novets Cup. All other games waterlogged off.

First half was very even, with ourselves going a goal ahead early on after we broke from the edge of our box, with Mark Guildea's perfectly weighted pass forward finding Alex Kyriakides. He had a lot to do to keep possession under challenge, then run on to the goal, and slot home. So it was a great piece of forward play by him. The game was quite even for a while, with the oppo missing a couple of opportunities they should have converted whilst our players ball watched. Eventually 1-1 at half time was a fair scoreline at that point. In the second half the oppo came out of the block very quickly, and put us under a lot of pressure. Their number 10 being particularly skilful. We just couldn't stay with them, and found ourselves 3-1 down quite quickly. We got one back (Dan Avis I think?) to make it 3-2 for a short time, but then found ourselves 4-2 down. Then we really struggled to make much impact on the game, and in the last minutes couldn't stop the further three goals. Well done to us for making a go of it.


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