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Saturday 10th October 2015

We decided to go with a 4-4-1-1 formation.The game started with an even contest the first 20 minutes in with us looking good on the break but not too quick to come back.Winchmore started to whip in as many corners in succession but we didn't crack under pressure. 4 point blank saves from Masoud kept the scores level.I thought we had scored when Jazzy turned a player and beats their keeper but the ball hits the outside of the post for a goalkick.We gradually started to get on top with Ross,Craig,Jamie and Jazzy all coming close.We ended the half with us scratching our heads how we weren't a couple goals to the good.

The second half and we decided to go for it by reverting to 4-4-2 formation. Jazzy and Wais was replaced by Duarte and Alex. It just felt like a matter of time before we would score.About 12 minutes in and we oblige,with a surging run from Craig in the middle of the park who beats a player and smashes a 20 yard shot on the crossbar which rebounds and G reacts first to and heads into the net to beat their keeper 1-0 the Stationers. As we pushed we lost our shape at times as it seemed that the next goal was vitally important. Gaps started to appear from both teams but we wanted it more as we probed the opposition.Our second goal came when the tireless Jamie broke down the left hand side who found Alex,another who worked his socks off to put in Duarte who made no mistake in lifting the ball over the keeper into the middle of the net 2-0 Stationers. That was just what we needed as we seemed more compact and solid. We continued to create chances and we got our 3rd in the last minute of the game when Alex and Duarte played some Barcelona ticataca onetwo,onetwo and to cut open their defence once more, with Duarte laying it on the plate for Alex to tap in 3-0 the lads. Once again we soaked up some pressure,remained difficult to breakdown defensively, always dangerous going forward and most pleasing for me the general togetherness and unity of the lads. Well done boys a most needed 3 points. Pleasing team display yet again and goog individual performances from Jamie Luis bags of energy tireless workrate,Alex kyriakides worked his socks off and came back and filled in, Craig Jones strong in the middle and great driving runs,Alan Amato got his big bald head on everything haha.Jacob makes defending looks like a piece of cake absolutely faultless display,defensive masterclass. John Murphy captain courageous lost nothing in the air even with that stiff neck. But man of the match goes to Masoud Jaharri hands as safe as the crown jewels today, well safer than jewels as they were once stolen.Exhibition in catching and 4 point blank saves. Its gonna take one hell of keeping performance to beat that. Onwards and upwards. Its early doors but we are Top of the league. COYS

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