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Saturday 30th September 2017 - 1st XI

1st XI drew 2-2 (H), Carshalton.

The match report depicts the John Wayne 1960’s film Battle of the Alamo The Texans, I mean Carshalton’s goalkeeper and back four is tasked with defending the goal. Their midfield arrives with reinforcements and the defenders dig in. Jacksons Mexican ballers arrive and surround the fort. The siege begins. In a First half raid, the oppo sabotage the Stationers. A left footed cross from the touch line somehow finding the top bin. 0-1 The Stationers frontally attack the Alamo. The defenders hold out and kill hundreds of Stationers charging soldiers, further boosting Carshalton’s morale. Smithy sustains a leg wound. Keenan pings a hammy again. The movie then depicts morale dropping amongst the Stationers when the referee tells the men that the ball didn’t cross the line. Ohhhh the irony of football. Same line, different weeks. Stationers on the wrong side of the decision. With the Stationers siege intensifying, Carshalton’s captain chooses to stay with his command and defend the Alamo, but he gives the other defenders the option of leaving. Crockett, Bowie (Could be there names) and their men prepare to leave, but an inspired double save by the opposition keeper convinces them to stay and fight to the end. Bastards! They even manage to foray forward and pillage a second goal. 0-2. On the thirteenth day of the siege, Jacksons men artillery bombards the Carshalton goal and kills or wounds several Texans/South Londoners. (With that level of brutality, amazing how we didn’t pick up a booking! Happy Ian?) The entire Mexican/Stationers army sweeps forward, attacking on all sides. The defenders kill/foul dozens of charging Stationers, but the attack is overwhelming. The Stationers blast a hole in the Alamo wall thanks to a craftily worked free kick from Billy Phillips and Sean Derrick and soldiers swarm through. 1-2 Carshalton’s skipper tries to rally the men but is shot and killed. (He wasn’t) the outstanding opposition keeper leads the Texans in the final defence of the fort. The Mexicans Stationers take heavy losses, but swarm through and overwhelm the opposition. The oppo retreat to their final defensive positions. The Keeper is finally beaten for a second time beaten in the chaos when he is run through by a Towering Marcus Archer header. 2-2 The battle is over and the Stationers unlike the Mexicans who won, have snatched a draw. Jackson observes the carnage and provides safe passage to the dog and duck. Tom Gullon returns too late, watching from a distance. He takes off his hat in respect and then escorts Smithy away from battle. Mixed emotions on this one. 2 points lost or 1 point gained? We were unlucky to have ever been two goals down. If we create that many chance and keep that sustained pressure on teams all season we are going to have a successful year. Great character to earn the point and try to push for the winner. Massive respect to Carshalton who at times defended heroically. Looking forward to the return fixture. M.O.M – Sean Derrick – So clever on the first goal which made at least the draw inevitable.

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